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Sometimes I feel that white people want to feel oppressed too so they can ignore the dirt their ancestors have done. I feel you, I understand trying to say that you are different, that you understand because your nationality was oppressed at one point. But this is true hard facts here, that you can’t ignore. You cannot put Irish stereotypes next to lynchings, next to genocides and say it’s all the something.

White people will never fully understand the suffering that POC’s have suffered, you can sympathize but never know it. Realizing that is the first step.

The other difference is, AFAIK, most of us white people in the current generation/age have never actually experienced violent oppression* based solely on our skin color (see: racial profiling, racially motivated lynchings that are still fucking happening, etc etc fucking etc) while POC’s actively face it/the real possibility of it every.  single.  day.

(*yes there are white people killed extra judicially - which is what lynching is - the most recent example reporter James Foley, but it is an extremely small number compared to those lynchings that target POCs and is rare to almost non existent on US soil, while POC are lynched so often on US soil that it’s 2014 for fuck’s sake and lynching POC’s is still fucking routine.)

Filed under racism oppression violent oppression lynchings trigger warning usually when white people are the targets of violence it's a mass murder domestic violence or the white person was being an asshole And most of the time it's white on white while violence against POC is systemic and white on black click on the links if you're curious some good info there but remember the trigger warnings